flareneld's oven: Fetuses in Thailand temple

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Fetuses in Thailand temple

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Fetuses found in Thailand temple

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Police in Thailand have found the remains of more than 300 human fetuses hidden in a Buddhist temple in the capital, Bangkok.

The police say they suspect the fetuses came from illegal abortion clinics.
News reports say a member of the temple staff confessed to being hired by several clinics to dispose of remains.
Abortion is illegal in Thailand, except when the pregnancy affects the mother's health or is the result of rape.
Police chief Sumeth Ruangswasdi said they had been called to investigate a strong smell in the temple, and discovered a total of 348 fetuses in plastic bags, AP reports.
He said he believed that the fetuses must have been collected from abortion clinics and disposed of at different times because they were different colors and conditions.
The corpses were wrapped in plastic bags and newspaper and found in a mortuary storage area.
The police were reported to be questioning the temple's mortician.
Buddhist temples in Thailand not only perform cremation ceremonies, but also store bodies in specially refrigerated areas.

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