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Thursday, September 23, 2010

An early assessment of Pacquiao and Margarito's strategies for N0vember 13th

by: Scott Heritage

  • September 23rd, 2010 3:56 pm ET
As Manny Pacquiao and Antonio Margarito begin to train for their November 13th meeting, the contrasting strategies that either will adopt for the fight are becoming more apparent, and it appears at this early stage to be the larger Margarito who will be making the most changes to his normal approach.
Pacquiao's trainer Freddie Roach has been open as always about how they plan to defeat Margarito, which essentially seems to consist of staying off the ropes and using Pacquiao's greater speed to force the much taller man onto the back foot and keep him there.
What Margarito's strategy will be on the night is less apparent, with his trainer Robert Garcia having mentioned both roughing Pacquiao up against the ropes and keeping him at a distance with Antonio's longer reach in the past few months.
If he attempts to outbox Pacquiao, as he seemed to be doing for portions of his most recent fight against Roberto Garcia, then it will be interesting to see how this affects both fighters. Pacquiao has traditionally struggled against better technical boxers and counter-punchers, neither of which will ever be used to describe Margarito. Even if his technique is much improved, his lack of speed will probably mean that his reach won't count for enough that he can keep Pacquiao at bay.
How Margarito's boxing will look after the first exchange is also a factor, which against Garcia didn't really come into play. Against someone able and willing to test his chin and exchange punches with him though, it will undoubtedly be difficult for Margarito not to revert to type and try to brawl, which in this case plays into his opponents hands.
Those who are either predicting or hoping for a Margarito win, are usually doing so on the proviso that he will come into the ring ready to push Pacquiao back, take the center of the ring and be able to absorb as many punches as Pacquiao cares to throw at him.
Whether his chin is still up to task has been questioned by many after he was completely dismantled by Shane Mosley in his last fight against an elite opponent. But given the mental impact of the hand wrap incident that began unfolding backstage before that fight, it's difficult to write him off completely based on that one fight.
Going back slightly further than that, Margarito's chin looked it's usual solid self against both Miguel Cotto and Kermit Cintron, both of whom are big punchers and both of whom also landed cleanly on Margarito throughout. Whether as some suggest those wins should now be called into question because of the hand wrap scandal is irrelevant in this case because  that had little impact one way or another on Margarito's ability to take punches.
Assuming that the Mosley fight is an anomaly that can be put down to Margarito not being focused on the night, then he might be very difficult for Pacquiao to stop. Conversely if the Mosley fight was a sign of things to come, then Pacquiao should have little trouble stopping the Tijuana Tornado, perhaps even faster than Mosley was able to.
The only other factor that could affect the outcome is the size of either fighter and how that affects them individually. Margarito with as much extra bulk as he can pack on after the weigh in might be better able to deal with Pacquiao's punches than he would be at welterweight for example. Equally Pacquiao adding yet more weight to what is essentially still a lightweight's frame could potentially slow him down in the later rounds.

Sam Morales, Erie: "The boxing thing Margarito's trainer said must have been a bluff, he hasn't boxed in his whole career like he did against Garcia and it won't work in this fight"
Thomas Ford, Pittsburgh: "Margarito's best bet is to practise serious weight cutting like wrestlers have to and try to come into the fight at about 180lbs. Then he might be able to take Pac's punches and bully him around"

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  • by Uncle Rogie 4 hours ago
    My nephew Li'l Scum's strategy is to follow Edwin Valero's footsteps. Hmmmm... maybe my brother and I will do the same thing.
    Is Ritchie still offering that pre-nup? it's sounding more and more appealing to me
  • Roach alias Picasso
    1 hour ago
    Roach alias "Picasso" used to leave the canvass full of blood ala Picasso Painting, now he predicts the outcome of Pedman fights, as Kongrisman Packroids stammers to utter something.
  • Why is not fighting a real boxer
    57 minutes ago
    Why Runito Runaire is not fighting a real boxer, like the Cuban rodenbeux, the that left sorry coach Roach, coz he's used to be train by real cubano coaches.
  • by Anonymous 4 hours ago
    Josie Harris did rec'd pacman's text that made mayweather go nutz. Pacman mad her sushi for dinner and gave her the oriental full body massage full of oil. Then he serenade to her karaoke style all night long. Well that Josie Harris was in deed satisfied. She replied, PAC me anytime mr P4P King...
  • Snif, Snif Cheato is too big
    1 hour ago
    Snif, Snif Cheato is too big, for sure Margcheat doesn't want to be the 8 time Catchweight Chump. Take this fight like a real man and fight Margarito clean -Synthetic Pedman
  • by pcola 3 hours ago
    it's going to be very tough fight for pacquiao due to margo is bigger, stronger and has a strong determination to knockout the mexicutioner in front of live mexicans audience. although, margo has all the advantages going into this fight, let's not forget that pacquiao had similar disadvantages before against previous opponents, but somehow was able to overcame the adversities he was facing inside the ring and came out winning. hopefully, pacquiao can repeat the same outcome this time. pacquiao by tko in 9th.
  • Arinolang_Butas
    2 minutes ago
    Correction ...TKO in the 4th round. OK?????
  • Galvanizer
    0 sec ago
    Men that's way too long, it's gonna be in the 2nd round like HATTON.....
  • by Anonymous 3 hours ago
    how well pac fights margarito will tell us if he can meet the winner of williams vs martinez.
    of course that fight will be a jr middle vs a middleweight fight if sergio wins. no problem if paul wins because paul says he can go down..
  • by Chicago guy -original 2 hours ago
    In and out movement of Pacquiao is really hard for Margo to catch Pacquiao because he is slow. If Margarito will gain too much weigh after weigh-in it will be a big disadvantage to him to be more slower.
  • by Anonymous 2 hours ago
    No one cares about this fight.
  • by Anonymous 2 hours ago
    Margacheato will be sorry he took this fight...Well, I guess he is in just for the money and fame whereas Pac just wants to finish him off and shut him up for good.
    He will kiss the canvas after round 5. Guaranteed.
  • by Anonymous 1 hour ago
    Hi Mr. anonymous ...
    If you don't care this fight then it's up to you...
    But we Filipinos care about this fight and we are praying that Pac will come out the winner which we do believe will happen this coming November 13 , 2010.
    I am also a fan of Margarito but not this time because he go againts my IDOL.
    I am sure Marga will also suffer the same thing with DELA HOYYAAAAA...
  • by Mcoy 1 hour ago
    The fact is margarito has an advantage, but it doesn't mean that he deafeted pacquaio easily.
  • by Mcoy 1 hour ago
    The fact is margarito has an advantage, but it doesn't mean that he deafeted pacquaio easily.
  • by Anonymous 1 hour ago
    In and out, ALIS!
    In and out, ALIS!
  • by Anonymous 1 hour ago
  • by Anonymous 1 hour ago
    xylocaine floyd ain't fighting anyone with out a vagina. that is how tough, err how smart the lil ape is. too busy beating up girls. reall bad ass. but he won't take his ass in the ring to fight cotto, margarito or pacman or williams, but would rather take his ass in jail and get some prison love. reall smart floydie.
  • by Anonymous 1 hour ago
    Senior's sure Li'l Floyd beats Pacman loaded or not though he didn't want his son fight a southpaw. What the fhuck is the steroids all about? Beating women doesn't make someone p4p best!. Real fighters willing to fight Pacman without pre-conditions. Flomos live with it. Floydie is scared! period!
  • by Rocky from OC 55 minutes ago
    As a Pac fan I'm always excited to see Manny fight. As a boxing fan, I look forward to a good punishing fight. I think these two will allow us all to feel good about the PPV cost. I know a lot of us are always thinking about the Money and Pac clash... with all the things going on, I think we just need to enjoy what we have now. Handle your business Manny and represent your countrymen well!
  • by vicm 54 minutes ago
    Please don not castigate Floidie. Mr. Tyrone will take good care of him....
  • by PacOne 17 minutes ago
    "It's not the size of the dog in the fight;
    it's the size of the fight in the dog."

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