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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Suicide bomb kills Afghan deputy

BBC news

Ghazni map
A deputy Afghan provincial governor has been killed in a suicide attack while travelling in car, police say.

Mohammad Kazim Allahyar, his son and four others died in the blast in Ghazni city, police said.
There was a large blast as the bomber struck one of the vehicles in the two-car convoy, Ghazni police chief Zarawar Zahid told news agency AP.

This year has been Afghanistan's bloodiest since the US-led invasion of 2001.
Police said Mr Allahyar was driving to work at the time of the blast, which also killed his driver and three bodyguards.
Eight other people, including pedestrians, were injured in the blast.
Mr Allahyar had reportedly been in the job for seven years and survived a bombing attempt just two months ago.

One report said that the suicide bomber was on a motorcycle, another that the attacker was in a car.
Afghan government officials are often targeted by the Taliban and other militant groups for working with the government or international forces.

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